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Guy Beau

I played Bass with these guys

Thanks to Paul and John Smith for the pictures.

Pic from K's Too
Lowell, Ma
Guitar and Vocal - Guy Paquin
Bass and Vocals - Hank Rowe
Guitar and Vocal - Joe Lesalle
Drums - Gary Mavrogeorge
Keyboards - Jeannie

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Sure wish I had a recording of this band we were pretty good !
We went on the road and played all over New England
only days after I joined, we rehersed 1 time in a trailer.

Ever since I was 4 I remember Guy Paquin and his family

We were brought up in the Little Canada section of Lowell, Ma in the 50's

Our neighborhood spun off some great musicians as poor as we all were

Like Paul Lessard from Blues you can use, man he is good

Paul was little with a big guitar and boy he could play. 

Dennis Ducharme was a great guitar player in the 50's and 60's RIP, there were more
I was born with drum sticks in my hands, age 6, I picked up and strummed my first guitar

The Rest is History !

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1985 - FOREVER Hazardous Records